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Hey Armstrong!
Want to build a career or business in digital media & marketing?



SOUNDS LIKE B.S. RIGHT? Fair enough, but...


What if I really could show you a viable, practical and predictable way that you could make $50-$100 per hour

What if I really could show you how to, not only do that, but also acquire customers that are going to pay you $50-$100 per month for the service you're going to offer them...

What if you actually could build a real business with real customers by providing a real service that millions of businesses all over the world need and want?

First, I have to remind you of something very important:
I am not selling anything.

What I mean by that is I am not teeing you up to sell you some training system, access to a webinar series or tickets to some conference.

This is super important to understand because this factor will greatly impact whether or not you'll believe what I am going to show you.  And if you don't believe what I'm going to show you to be true, you cannot and will not benefit from it.  Makes sense?

Let me explain...

Have you ever seen an ad with someone pitching an expensive system or course on how to make money online?  I don’t know about you but, when I see that the person stands to gain by selling that information that person's motives automatically become suspect.  Wouldn't you agree?

Though what they're selling might be valid, it’s much harder to believe it to be true when they're going to benefit regardless of whether you succeed or not.

So what's in it for me if I'm not selling anything?

At the end of all of this, you'll have a few options should you choose to participate.

First, I'm offering a limited number of partnership opportunities. What this means is if you decide to go this route and if I think you're a qualified candidate, I'm going to partner with you on making this happen. 

That means I'm going to actually work with you directly as your business partner to make this a success.  I'm going to be involved in a very hands on way to help you build this as big as we can.  We'll share the revenue 80/20.  You get 80% and I get 20%.

That means I have a vested interest in your success.  If you make money, so do I.  If you don't, neither do I.  That's as fair as it can get.

The other option is you can do this all on your own.  I'll give you access to all of the training and information you need to pull this off.  I won't withhold anything from you.  There will never be, at any point, some exclusive training available only to my partners.

I'd even jump in in a hands on fashion as I'm able but don't expect it because my time is hard to come by.  But if I'm able, I would be willing to do that.  

I'll provide all of that to you without any expectation of return.  Got it?


First off, don't get it confused.  I'm doing this for entirely selfish reasons.  It just so happens that selfishness manifests in 2 fundamental ways. One is demonstrated by personal gain at the expense of another.  The other manifestation results in personal gain as the result of enriching someone else.

So let me ask you something...

When all is said and done, countless people are going to benefit immensely from me freely showing them how to do this...

Some people are even going to create a multi-million dollar enterprise on the back of what I'm going to teach them and I won't see a single penny in return...

But think about this so you understand my selfish intent. 

If I help enough people get what they want, there's no way I can't not benefit.  If all I get is the satisfaction of knowing I helped someone create an income that saved them from financial ruin or allowed them to leave the job they hated and change their life financially...  how do you think that's going to make me feel?  Incredibly fulfilled.  No amount of money can buy that.

If I help enough people, it's inevitable that this could be the catalyst to unleashing countless serial entrepreneurs who, until they succeeded here, had no idea that they had it in them.  For me to a big part of that story can't not result in substantial long term opportunities.


I have to give credit where credit is due...

If it wasn't for Gary Vaynerchuk, I would have ended up hawking an expensive course and platform just like everyone else.

And in the process, I would have extracted for myself a lot of upfront value at the expense of exponentially greater long term return.

Gary always admonishes people who have something of value, to give away all their best information for free.

As I've outlined earlier, it makes perfect sense which is why that's exactly what I am doing.  Many of you who are going to succeed enormously with this would not have even gotten started had I been charging thousands of dollars for this information.  That's sad to think about.  Countless lives would have remained unchanged over an attempt to secure a pretty measly upfront payoff on my part.

So if you take this information and run with it and change your life, a thank you would be so appreciated and you can also thank Gary because, without his input, this never would have happened this way.

"Give all of your best information away for free without any expectation of return."

Gary Vaynerchuk




Let's Go!

Here's How This All Started...

Back in the spring of 2017, I was looking at a bunch of websites owned by small businesses in the construction industry.  I was blown away at the percentage of these businesses that had websites that were absolutely terrible (to put it mildly).

Now, what happens most of the time is web design agencies will contact these businesses and pitch them on building them a new website.  Keep in mind that most businesses (depending on the industry and location) get pitched NUMEROUS times per month from web development companies from all over the world.

So imagine the difficulty in breaking through all that noise.  It's next to impossible.  Especially when one agency's pitch sounds basically the same as the other 40 agencies that have pitched that business before them.

(Nevermind the fact that the VAST majority of agencies quote a small fortune for the job)

Synergist Media - Partnership - Jay Woodford - Site Mockups 1

Then I Had An Idea

What if instead of pitching these businesses a hypothetical just like everyone else...

What if we did something that no one else was willing to do...

What if we put our money where our mouth is...

And built these businesses a brand new website first
THEN offered them that new website for an affordable & fair price...



We broke through the noise and left the competition in the dust and our ability to acquire new customers skyrocketed exponetially.

Did we convert on every attempt?
Of course not!

But overtime the vast majority of these sites that we did create converted because...


And here's the thing...

The sites that don't convert, we click and clone and just swap out the content for a new prospect and take another shot!  

No waste and every site you create is like creating a piece of digital real estate with upfront and recurring income potential.

HERE'S WHY THIS WORKS SO WELL... (We gave extremely affordable value without costing them any time and by using this method, we instantly built trust)


Business owners don't have time.  Period.
Here's how we solve that problem...

Most web design agencies employ an outdated onboarding process which requires a lot of time from the client.  From the sales and consultation sessions to the planning and approval stages...

These elements display a total lack of regard for the business owner's most valuable asset; their time.

We show up with a website that is already done, requires little to no input on their end and can be ready to replace their existing website in a matter of minutes.


The vast majority of web design companies still charge like it's 2006.  A website that you can create and flip and make $50-$100+ per hour on would cost that same business 3,4,5,10 times as much from most design companies!

Therein lies the white space.  

By offering websites for an affordable, appropriately and fair price, you will convert and you'll be well compensated in the process.


While everyone else is pitching grande hypotheticals, we're breaking through the noise and standing out from the crowd in such a powerful way that leaves nothing to debate.

Not only that, but the web design industry is full of empty promises; people and companies that promise the world and deliver nothing.  The lack of follow through in this space is astounding so when we show up with an already completed website, what do you think happens?  Instant trust and rapport that puts us leagues ahead of the crowd.

Business owners are smart.  They recognize that you took a risk and put in the work up front without any promises and most will have enormous respect for that

Synergist Media - Jay Woodford - Site Mock Ups - Castle On The Mountain


Find established local businesses that have substandard websites.

Recreate their website in our drag & drop site builder (which does 99.9% of the work for you)

Offer the business their new website for an affordable & appropriate price (typically earning you $50-$100 per hour)

Offer to host and manage their website for anywhere between $50-$100 per month


Building Websites Is Hard Work

I'm struggling to figure out how to adequately answer this but here it goes...
First off, even if it was hard work (and my definition of hard work might be drastically different from what you define as hard work)
But even if it was hard work, would you allow that to stop you from building something that could radically change your life?  If so, this isn't for you because hard work doesn't stop someone who wants something bad enough and wanting it bad enough is a necessity to succeed at anything.  Otherwise, there's always a way out and a reason to not put forth the effort.

Aside from this, the good news is...

Building websites in 2019, especially with the systems we us, is really easy!  We use tools and platforms that do all of the heavy lifting for you.  You essentially tell it what to do and it does all the complex work for you.  Yeah there's some frustrations and learning involved and yes technology can be a pain in the ass.

But be thankful for that because it acts as a barrier to entry which facilitates the continuation of opportunity...

As part of my 8 part partnership overview video series, one video shows, in detail, how simple it is to use our platform for creating beautiful websites really fast.

I Suck At Selling (or I Don't Want to Have To Sell...)

That's a big reason we designed the system the way we did - to make it achievable for people who don't want to sell.  You're offering a 'product' that sells itself.  Some won't buy it no matter what. 

Part of what you'll learn is how to find indicators that the businesses you're going to target are likely to convert.

Look, when you present a completed website to a business that needs that and offer it at a fair price, either they're going to buy or they're not.  No amount of sales tactic wizardry is going to change that. 

What does that mean?

It means there is very little selling involved in what we do (unless you're willing to be more aggressive - we have alternative methods which work like crazy which you'll learn) 

You're presenting a finished product to them.  Either they need it or they don't.  Many will want to make some adjustments and that's normal.  Some people, no matter how good it is, won't buy because they don't understand the value.  You took a swing and a miss - welcome to business.  It happens.  A wonderful thing you'll learn in this process is how to be mentally tougher and not let little things like someone saying 'no' to you, wreck your day.

Growth is painful and that's the price one must pay to move forward.  If you're unwilling to ask someone to buy something, as much as I want to, I cannot help you.

I Hate Technology and Technology Seems To Hate Me...

That's very unfortunate and until you change your attitude, I cannot help you.  Technology is the very thing that has and will continue to lift enormous amounts of people out of abject poverty and back-breaking hardship.

That doesn't mean it doesn't have issues.  That's part of the deal and if you're not willing to deal with that then you don't get to partake in the benefits.  While you're letting that attitude stop you, someone else is using technology to make their life exponentially better.  

And to miss out on that is absolutely tragic.


Step One:
Attend The Partner Overview Session

This is where I run through the entire process from start to finish with the intent of giving you enough information to decide whether or not you want to move forward and get to work.

In order to gain access to this, use the form below to send us your email address and we will send you the link to access.

Step Two:
Decide If & How You Want To Proceed

After going through the overview videos, decide what your next step is:

  1. Build this as a partnership with me
  2. Build it on your own
  3. Or not something you want to pursue

Remember, I'm not selling anything.  I don't benefit by trying to drag you in to this.


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There's Always A Catch...